15 Months


The girls turned 15 months on the 24th. An age I never gave any thought to 1 year ago. 3 months was probably the single worst month of raising the twins. The girls were not sleeping through the night yet and 3 months of little sleep (mainly for Cari) had us both burned out. It was also the end of her maternity leave, as Carolyn went back to work at the end of May last year.

Three months with twins parallels to the great comedian Jim Gaffigha’s description of what it is like having a 6th child – “just imagine that you are drowning… and then someone hands you a baby.”

Fast forward a year, and life is completely different. At this age, everything is about mobility. Just trying to keep track of where the girls are is the main priority. Did you forget to close one of the two baby gates leading into our kitchen? You will hear one of the girls playing in the cupboards or sorting through the recycling bin in a couple of minutes. Forget to close the bathroom door? It only takes a few seconds before one of them will be playing in the toilet water or sorting through the bathroom trash. The girls are very quick and intelligent.

These new problems I describe beg the obvious question – “why don’t you just watch them?” My response—that is easier said than done with two mobile tots. When you have two tots eager to test their walking skills, odds are that they are not going to go in the same direction. And we know that as they refine their “moving” skills, parenting will only become more of a challenge. The one saving grace is that you can introduce some discipline down the road at some point. Right now, you cannot punish a 15 month old from going somewhere they are not supposed to be. You simply move them out of harms way and then watch them attempt to go back to the place you removed them from.


Let’s look at some of the changes since my last update at 13 & 1/2 months.

1) More chatter. Not sure when they will start to make sense, but for now, the girls love to blabber. This is by far my favorite part of this age and Kendal leads the way on this one. She will talk non-stop for minutes at a time with nothing that is understandable except “dad, dad, dad” or “mom, mom, mom.” We will often ask her questions in the middle of her rants. “Kendal, how are you doing today?” She will pause for a second, look at you and then increase the pitch or pace of her speech.

2) No Char. We have gone almost a month now without Char in the house. It feels strange as the girls grew to this point with her caring for them almost every step of the way. The two month reprieve until our next au pair arrives is a good time frame for us to reset and also enjoy some family time with just us.
3) Reactions! Just take a look at Kendal in the below video. At the 3 second mark, she does a “yes” arm pump thingy after successfully shoving some mashed potatoes into her mouth. That reaction is priceless.

4) More sickness. As I wrote in my “sick” article, the girls have an ear infection. Unfortunately, we are now on the third week of the infection and third different antibiotic. Hopefully this one is the cure. Fingers crossed
5) New schedule? Perhaps the sickness has played a part, but it has become apparent that the girls are ready for a new schedule. What that looks like, I’m not certain. But I do know that it involves going to one nap a day (something the girls have started to do regularly). This will likely be the toughest schedule transition to date, but a necessary one as the girls continue to increase their daily awake times.


In summary, the increased mobility of the twins over the last couple of months has been a challenge as a parent, but has also presented some funny moments. It is a joy to watch them learn and explore the world at a rapid pace. The video below describes it all:


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