About Me



I’m Zac, a 27 year old father of newborn twins and a husband of nearly 3 years.  I met my wife in college, dated for 4 years, got married, and moved to the big city. We purchased a house, a couple of new cars, eventually moved to the burbs for more space, and soon she was pregnant.

On a professional level, I went to college, a little grad school, became a CPA, and work as a Senior Financial Analyst at the largest American retailer of lingerie.

I enjoy reading comments sections, playing sports, watching my Browns lose every Sunday, the hometown Buckeyes, and occasionally, the Cleveland Indians.

This site was launched from my idea to try something new.  A unique way for people to follow the growth of my children and check out the happenings of our family.  Along the way, we will make many unique decisions and there will be a lot of surprises!  My #1 goal is to have fun (I naturally enjoy writing), but I hope that others will be able to learn from our mistakes, be inspired by our journey, and try something new.