First, let me start with a brief apology to all of my loyal weekly readers out there. Last week was the first week without a post in nearly a year because of the aforementioned title. The children both got sick and I selfishly invested time in caring for them rather than writing an article.

I have never done this before, but with the 2-week gap since my last post, let’s do a quick recap of the past two weeks in our household:


Me Char
Monday, May 2 Nothing exciting 2nd last day of life in our family
Tuesday, May 3 Took kids to get allergy test Last day of work. Came to appt w/ me
Wednesday, May 4 First day of adjusting to no Char Left @ 5am
Thursday, May 5 Took kids to daycare for first time Somewhere in San Fran
Friday, May 6 Daycare again On the Golden Gate Bridge
Saturday, May 7 Boating w/ the tots California Dreamin
Sunday, May 8 Mother’s Day @ in-laws Viva Las Vegas
Monday, May 9 Sick kids. No sleep at all on Sunday night Grand Canyon
Tuesday, May 10 More sick kids. More up all night. Casinos
Wednesday, May 11 Doctor finds 4 infected ears.   Still no sleep Los Angeles
Thursday, May 12 Took kids back to daycare Hollywood
Friday, May 13 Daycare day #4 Santa Monica
Saturday, May 14 Home improvement project w/ paps Somewhere around LA
Sunday, May 15 Home improvement project w/ paps Hawaii

Call me crazy, but given the choice, I would have preferred Char’s last two weeks to mine. There are many joys that come with being a parent that I have outlined over the last 15 months, but sick kids is just not very fun.

With the kids staying in our home for childcare, they were not very prone to new germs and illnesses. I may be missing something, but I can only recall one instance of a mild runny nose for the tots before this past week. Something they likely picked up from one of us. When we tell folks that our kids were rarely sick because we kept them in the home, we often got a response that the kids were going to get sick frequently in preschool or kindergarten when they are first exposed to illnesses that they don’t have antibodies for yet.

I am not a doctor (or scientist), but that theory seems reasonable to me. It is basically a pick-your-poison type of scenario. Either they get sick now and build resistance or they get sick later. Given those two options, I would rather have the latter for two main reasons. First, once the kids are able to talk, they will likely be able to tell me what is hurting them or how they are feeling. In the current state, it is a complete guessing game when the girls start crying. This makes it very challenging as a parent. Secondly, who’s to say that the resistance to illnesses that they are not building now would be helpful in 4 or 5 years? For instance, the flu vaccine is changed every year as they attempt to guess how the illness has mutated from year to year. Similarly, if the tots strengthen their antibodies to fight an illness in today’s world, will that always help 5 years from now? I’m not sure.


With taking the kids to daycare for the first time, I sort of expected them to contract something, but there were no early signs. They were happy go lucky and fine on Thursday. They were happy again on Friday and Saturday. Nothing out of the norm.

We traveled on Sunday and the girls did not sleep well for their naps during the day. But again, nothing out of the norm as that is sort of expected when traveling with the girls outside of their comfort zone.

Things started to get haywire Sunday night as the girls struggled getting to sleep for the night. Then they woke up. And stayed awake. And cried. Then came the coughing and nose congestion/ snot. What a mess.

Fortunately for us, Carolyn already had Monday off work, so she stayed up with them all night. Then I helped out on Monday night as the girls were awake all night. Then I took off work on Tuesday. Cari was off on Wednesday and fortunately she took them to the doctor.

In summary, sick kids are no fun. But such is a part of life. How you handle it says a lot about your character. As parents, you naturally just want what is best for your kids, and that can be a challenge when they cannot directly tell you that they are in pain from their ear infections. One just has to make some assumptions on that one. … or buy an Otoscope for early detection next time. Now that they are fueled with a daily concoction of Amoxicillin, Tylenol, and Motrin; things are looking up. But it doesn’t mean that the last couple of weeks have been fun for us. … certainly not as much fun as Char is having.

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